California Bluegrass Association | Diabla Design

Client: California Bluegrass Association

Location: California


Project: website rebuild

The California Bluegrass Association needed a significant facelift for their large website which had a tremendous archive and served numerous functions as the hub of a large organization with thousands of members.  They also wanted to consolidate smaller sites that had been created over time for individual events so they were all under one umbrella. The CBA determined that a switch to WordPress would suit their needs.

Working closely with their Publicity and Marketing committee, I imported databases containing thousands of pictures and articles, redesigned the pages to make an attractive site to appeal to a new diverse audience, and built out the back end for ease of updating, on nearly a daily basis, by their volunteers.

The end result is a bustling, colorful, exciting site with up-to-date information on concerts and annual events, as well as historical photos and documents from their decades of history.