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Client: Leon Chai


Project: website

Leon Chai, author and retired professor, had presented a series of eight talks at various universities in China that he wished to make available on the web. The lectures were originally delivered with a powerpoint accompaniment, containing music clips, images and diagrams. Recombining these parts into a unified online presentation turned out to be an intriguing challenge.

The lecture notes were lengthy…


…so we chose a two column format that would break the lines of text into readable lengths, plus allow the photos and diagrams to be inserted at the relevant points.

The images were large enough to be seen as-is, but could also be expanded into a lightbox for even more detailed viewing.

Audio player to listen to relevant music clips


Visual menu hints at content of each lecture.


With the opportunity for creative problem solving and a great collaborative working relationship with Leon (despite living across the country and never having met), this was a very fun project. Plus I more or less got to audit a university course in Modern Literature for free!